To help us develop and test our gear, we are collaborating with a number outstanding
skiers, adventurers, photographers etc. who have chosen to team up with us. They live and breath the mountain lifestyle. The outdoors means everything to them and the inspire other to move.

Oskar Enander – probably the best ski photographer in the World. Based in Engelberg, but travels all over. Oskar has had numerous magazine covers around the globe, gallery shots, photography and journalism awards like European Photographer of The Year by IF3. He is also the first photographer to be awarded the Photo of the Year Award from Powder Magazine for the third time.

Kilian Weibel – a ambitious, sporty man, born and raised in Switzerland. He’s grew up ski racing. Today he is a top level certificated ski instructor and member of the Swiss demo ski team. An absolute outstanding skier, based in Engelberg.

Mattias Hargin – former World Cup ski racer from Sweden, who also has some strong performances in Freeride competitions. An excellent skier, and also an accomplished photographer.

Piers Solomon – an Engelberg based backcountry and big-mountain skier who spends his winter chasing the best conditions and big lines. You have no doubt seen him already in some awesome ski pictures.

Anne Wangler – Austrian skier and adventurer. One of the best skiers we know, with an outstanding technique both in the piste and outside.  


Dani Perret – Swiss UIAGM mountain guide based in Engelberg, Switzerland. Born and raised in the Swiss Alps Dani spends all his time out in the mountains, skiing, mountaineering, climbing, or trail running. He has a big passion to share his knowledge, adventures, and ideas with others. He is the founder of Engelberg Mountain Guides and has written several guiding books to enable more people to experience the adventures in the mountains of Engelberg.


Nathan Taugwalder – Born and raised in Zermatt. Not many skiers are as playful and creative as Nathan on the mountain. You could easily see his background from both alpine racing and freestyle in his style of skiing. Nathan is a certificated ski instructor and a member of the Swiss demo ski team.


Christoph Oberschneider – Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Christoph was just finishing his studies at Medical University in Graz when he got his hands on his first camera. Coming from a strong skiing background, his vision has since then been to capture the very soul of the sport, to infect the world around him with his absolute passion for skiing, be it on the piste or in the backcountry. Christoph’s images have won numerous awards and have been published in magazines worldwide. Christoph is currently working as a freelance photographer & filmer in Salzburg, Austria; off-season he is also working as medical lecturer.

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