The Mountain Studio Repair Service


Accidents can happen – a Gore-Tex® jacket can be torn by a branch while you are ripping down that powder trail through the woods, or a zipper might break for some reason. Repairing a garment rather than buying a new one offers several compelling advantages, both for you as an individual and for the environment. 

Repairing a garment is often much cheaper than buying a new one. Minor repairs like fixing a torn seam or replacing a zipper are simple tasks that can extend the life of your clothing at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.
By repairing clothing, you help reduce the demand for new clothes, thereby decreasing the industry's overall environmental impact. Repairing as opposed to manufacturing new garments conserves the resources used in their production. Textile manufacturing requires water, energy, and raw materials. By repairing and reusing, you decrease the need for these resources.

The Mountain Studio offers the service of repairing your damaged garment at a low cost through our own repair service center in Åre, Sweden. Should you require this service for your garment please drop us a mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please describe your issue as thoroughly as possible and include photos.