About Us

Welcome to The Mountain Studio, a brand where quality is at the forefront of innovative outdoor and ski wear. Originating from the pristine surroundings of Zermatt, Switzerland, in 2021, The Mountain Studio was founded with a clear and precise vision.

Established Expertise
With a leadership team comprising Peter Blom, Stefan Engström, and Marcel Hirscher, The Mountain Studio leans into decades of collective experience from within the world of ski and outdoor wear. Each founder brings to the table a nuanced understanding of both the market and the technical aspects of sportswear manufacturing, ensuring the brand is anchored in seasoned expertise.

Co-founder Marcel Hirscher at the drawing table


A Curated Collection

Our brand ethos revolves around a meticulous development of a concise collection that addresses the necessities of advanced skiing and outdoor activities, while maintaining a stylistic appeal conducive to urban environments. The aim is to present a range that, while being deeply embedded in functionality for outdoor use, does not compromise on style and adaptability in a variety of settings.

Sustainability as a Standard
In an industry where rapid product cycles are commonplace, The Mountain Studio deliberately adopts an alternate path. We emphasize an unwavering commitment to sustainability by sustaining and incrementally enhancing our existing models. This approach allows us to delve deep into refining and optimizing our offerings, focusing on improvements in fabric technology and introducing nuanced color palettes, rather than consistently overhauling our product line.

Quality and Consistency
The strategic decision to build upon our existing models emanates from a dedication to quality and consistency. Our offerings are not simply products; they are proven models of apparel that have been iteratively developed, ensuring reliability and predictability in performance. This reliability is what establishes trust with our clientele, ensuring that they can count on The Mountain Studio to deliver consistent quality. The Mountain Studio is not merely a provider of apparel but a facilitator of a lifestyle that equally values performance and aesthetic.

A Forward-Thinking Approach
At The Mountain Studio, we perceive the future of outdoor and ski wear to be fundamentally linked with sustainable practices and longevity in product life cycles. Our brand, while young, leans into a forward-thinking approach that aims to set a precedent within the market, illustrating that commitment to quality and sustainability is not merely viable but is the path forward in responsible retail and manufacturing.

We invite you to explore our range, experience the embodiment of our brand values in every piece. Welcome to The Mountain Studio - a nexus where seasoned expertise, sustainability, and quality converge.

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