Layers for all conditions


Dressing with layers is the optimal way to prepare you for skiing and snowboarding as conditions can change fast in mountain environments. Layers allow you to adjust your clothing to stay comfortable, whether it gets colder or warmer. 


1. Start with the BASE LAYER

U-1 Base High Crew
Our 3-D knitted Performance Base High Crew and Base 3/4 Pant is the perfect base layer for skiing, snowboarding, and ski touring. On top of this we added a Dupont Silvadur® treatment of the yarn to provide advanced, sustainable antimicrobial technology that delivers effective odour control. Thermo regulation zones in 3-D knitting help to keep a steady body temperature.

U-2U-2 Base 3/4 Pant
It is made of an innovative high-performance fiber called Dryarn®. This fabric is composed of polypropylene microfibers and is anti-pilling, breathable, very lightweight, and quick-drying.


2. Then choose MID LAYER

M-5M-5 Techno Stretch Mid T-Neck
This Midlayer T-Neck in a technical stretch knit is great as an insulation layer under our GORE-TEX jackets or as a year around stand-alone product.  M-4 Techno Stretch Mid HoodM-4 Techno Stretch Mid Hood
The advanced performance fabric is lightweight with brushed fleece on the inside to make it both breathable and warm. It is fast drying with a soft touch and superior technical performance.

H-4H-4 NUYARN Hood Jacket
NUYARN® Hood Jacket is a wool product made from natural fibers with high performance capabilities. The spinning technology makes the wool perform as closely as possible to the way it does in nature. 

L-1L-1 Primaloft® Insulation Pant
The L-1 PrimaLoft® Insulation Pant is a 1/3 pant lightly insulated with PrimaLoft® Gold Eco, a premium synthetic insulation made with 55% recycled content, with zero loss in performance. Gold Eco is just as lightweight, compressible and warm even when wet.



V-6 ULV-6 UL Ultralight Down Vest
Ultralight Down Vest is part of our lightest down program. Works stand alone or as an insulation layer. 750 fillpower. Made from RDS approved technical down filling.D-6 UL Ultralight Down Anorak
D-6 UL Ultralight Down Anorak
Our Down Anorak is our newest addition to our Ultralight programme. It is designed for cold weather missions when you need a super light insulation layer that packs small and keeps you warm. The pullover uses a 20 denier Nylon, down proof fabric with 700 fill power.v-1V-1 RL Reversible Light Vest
The Reversible Light Vest is extremely lightweight. It is fully reversible, so you get two vests in one. The over-lapping down chambers are woven together to minimize cold spots and heat loss. Use it stand-alone in the mountains, as insulation under our GORE-TEX Shell jacket.


4. SHELL jacket and pants

Z-2Z-2 GORE-TEX PRO 3L Shell Jacket
Z-2 GORE-TEX PRO 3L Shell JacketThe Z-2 HD (Heavy Duty) is a three-Layer GORE-TEX® PRO Shell jacket built for the demanding alpine environment. This is a highly functional shell jacket, built for layering to accommodate to all conditions and temperatures. Use the outer shell for warm weather or combine it with a heavy insulated mid-layer like our D-2 or D-3 down jackets and you have a perfect cold weather jacket. Or use it with a technical mid-layer or thin jersey like our M-4 or M-5, and you are all set for normal weather skiing, or any other outdoor activity.

Z-4Z-4 SB GORE-TEX 3L Soft Backing Jacket
The clean design of this jacket makes it the ultimate all mountain skijacket, piste or off piste. Made from a 3L GORE-TEX® Performance fabric with a bonded brushed backing. The backing gives the jacket a warmer and softer feel than a standard shell.


Y-1 hdY-1 HD GORE-TEX Pro 3L Shell Pant
The Y-1 HD three-Layer GORE-TEX® PRO Shell pant is built for a demanding alpine environment. We have specifically chosen this hard wearing, rugged 150 denier GORE-TEX® fabricIt. It is a shell pant, made for layering. Use it with, for example, our U-1 Seamless First Layer set and/or our L-1 Primaloft® Insulation Pant, depending on outside temperature and how demanding your activity is.Y-3 SBGORE-TEX 3L Soft Backing Pant Y-3 SB
This pant is made from a 3L GORE-TEX® Performance fabric with a bonded brushed backing. The backing gives the pant a warmer and softer feel than a standard shell. The long ventilation zippers make it perfect for skiing and ski touring in all kinds of weathers and temperatures. Y-2MHY-2 MH GORE-TEX Pro 3L MMWW Pant
Cut from a durable 150 denier 3L GORE-TEX® PRO fabric. The Gore technology makes it durably waterproof, completely windproof, and extremely breathable. This pant is a very limited edition designed by no one else than our co-founder Marcel Hirscher. His inspiration was the workwear of the service men he has been working with during his many years of the World Cup tour.

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