The Mountain Studio x Pre Season Camp Engelberg

We're thrilled to introduce our partnership with our ambassador, Dani Perret, a renowned Swiss UIAGM mountain guide. As the visionary behind the Pre Season Camp concept in Engelberg, Dani is helping us create something special, The Mountain Studio x Pre Season Camp' edition! 


Daniel Perret

 “Skiing in the adventure area means a lot to me. With a little imagination and the right skills, you can experience something in all conditions. Thanks to rope & skins, you can reach slopes and gullies that make your heart beat faster.” The pre-season camps in Engelberg are designed to prepare you optimally for the coming winter season. Thanks to the combination of a mountain guide and a professional freerider, the knowledge and skills of different types of skiing can be brought together to create a brilliant end product. The passion for nature and skiing connects us all and we want to focus on the community of snow sports during these three days. It’s not going to get boring!”


Get Ready for Winter Adventure at Engelberg's Pre-Season Camp!

Join us in Engelberg for our pre-season camps, designed to prepare you optimally for the upcoming winter season.The pre-season days are aimed at experienced freeriders and good ski tourers. In addition to training and further education, the focus here is also on pre-winter adventures.

Our program is tailored to cater to all skill levels and focuses on pre-winter adventures. With a combination of expert mountain guides and professional freeriders, we aim to bring together a wealth of knowledge and skills to create an unforgettable experience. 


Early season conditions can be unpredictable, so our program is flexible and adaptable to ensure you have a safe and high-quality experience regardless of the weather and snow conditions. 


We believe in fostering a learning environment where everyone can share their experiences, and our dedicated team of mountain guides is eager to pass on their expertise to help you grow. Our shared passion for nature and skiing unites us, and during these three days, we aim to build a strong snow sports community. 


What to Expect: 

•Ski Mountaineering and Adventure Skiing: Transition from classic runs to adventure terrain, including short scrambles and abseiling into gullies and couloirs. It´s not only about finding good snow, It's all about the experience! 

•Avalanche Training & Companion Rescue/First Aid: Prepare for extreme situations and learn how to handle avalanche transceivers under stress. We focus on training you for complex scenarios under time pressure. Every situation brings individual problems with it. That’s where we focus and train you in the best possible way.

•Ski Technique Freeride: Elevate your freeride technique with pro-skier Piers Solomon. Discover new techniques, add flow to your skiing, and incorporate simple freestyle elements into your rides. Our comprehensive training blocks and application tours will prepare you for the winter season ahead, offering a variety of activities to keep you engaged and challenged.