Size guide shell jackets Z-1

What’s my size?

We feel that the best method to determine your size is to measure a similar favorite garment you already own – i.e. an insulated ski jacket if you are buying an insulated ski jacket etc. Compare with the chart below which is unique for each product. Please bear in mind that our shell garments are made to be quite loose fitting, to be able to add one or more layers beneath.

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How to measure

  • 1/2 CHEST: Measure straight 1 cm below armhole from side to side
  • 1/2 BOTTOM HEM WIDTH: Measure straight at bottom hem from side to side
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: Measure from shoulder point (at top of armhole) to sleeve
  • CENTER BACK LENGTH: Measure at the back side straight from center neckline to bottom hem in the center

Size XS S M L XL
1/2 CHEST 54.5 cm 56.5 cm 58.5 cm 61.5 cm 64.5 cm
1/2 BOTTOM HEM WIDTH 53.5 cm 55.5 cm 57.5 cm 60.5 cm 63.5 cm
SLEEVE LENGTH 65.5 cm 66.5 cm 67.5 cm 68.5 cm 69.5 cm
CENTER BACK LENGTH 78 cm 79 cm 80 cm 81 cm 82 cm

The Mountain studio Insulated jacket size guide