Gosia Śniegórska

Gosia Śniegórska: "I grew up in a small city in southern Poland. After dedicating many years to field hockey, I finally discovered snowboarding thanks to my sister, and this experience has changed my life and the path I went on. In 2017, I left my hometown and took a journey to the unknown. It led me to a little Swiss mountain village called Zermatt. First, I wanted to stay 3 months. Now, 5 years later, I am still at this magical place. I started competing in the FWQ two years ago. My first competition was in Verbier and I totally fell into this whole experience. This season my goal is to take part in as many FWQ events as possible, to gain more knowledge in this field and learn how to deal with pressure. FWQ starts are organized in cool places like Georgia and Japan, so hopefully I'll get the chance to be there.”

At The Mountain Studio, Gosia helps us evaluate and test new products - being a high-level snowboarder she brings that perspective to our winter clothes. In the summer time, she sets her focus on a variety of sport activities, such as sport climbing, mountaineering, wakeboarding, surfing, and working out in the gym. For the rapidly expanding summer collection of The Mountain Studio, she also brings valuable insights for these garments.

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