Most of you are probably quite familiar with GORE-TEX fabrics, so let us just remind you of the three most important benefits.

GORE-TEX fabric stops all wind, so you stay warmer for longer even when exposed to gales and storms – all year round.

These garments reliably protect you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, keeping you dry even in a torrential rain or harshest snow conditions.

Last but not the least, the extremely high level of breathability leads to less sweat accumulation, so you’ll overheat less during intense activity, and stay warmer when you stop to rest.

So it is great for skiing, but do I need one for a warm spring/summer day you may ask yourself?

Well, GORE-TEX shell garments, like our Z-2 or Z-4 jackets, are not made to be warming you by themselves, as they have no insulation/padding built into them. They are just shells to protect you from wind and water.
On a warm but wet spring day you can wear them over only a thin shirt. On a cold day/evening you may want to add a thin down jacket/vest for example. That is how you adapt to different temperatures - outside temperatures or body temperatures.

So, whether you are just walking, or skiing, or biking, or sailing or…., we think a GORE-TEX shell is your perfect go-to garment. To wear, or to keep in your pack. All year round.

Check out our GORE-TEX Shells below

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